A downloadable super hard game for Windows

The synthetic planet EARTH II is in great danger!

A parasitic CYBER MOON from outer space has infected the planet causing the environment to mutate. These mutations will produce RED MATTER for the CYBER MOON to consume until the whole planet is drained.

There is only one hope left... 


Exploiting a bug in the light system of EARTH II the LIGHTFORCE NINJAS are capable of manipulating the nature of physics. This allows them to build teleporters and hightech armor powered by their LIGHTFORCE AMULETS.

SENSEI HAZUKI sends his best student on a mission to destroy the POWER CORE of the CYBER MOON to save the planet from certain death...

  • A very though challenge only for realest of gamers
  • Rage (this is a feature right?)
  • Fun ragdoll physics
  • Characters with helpful/interesting/annoying/funny comments
  • Very easy controls
  • Very hard gameplay
  • 10 stages in 5 differently themed regions
  • An original soundtrack with more than 10 tracks 

This game is designed to be REALLY HARD and CHALLENGING. To succeed you have to fail and learn. I was INSPIRED BY games like "Jump King" and "Getting Over It".

There will be continued  SUPPORT for the game after it's release. BUG FIXES and GENERAL UPDATES will be delivered. 

If you encounter any bugs or you have some general suggestions just let me know! 

  • Windows 10  (64 bit)
  • A strong will

Release date Oct 08, 2020
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorUndead Cartridge
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Difficult, grapple-hook, hard, Physics, Pixel Art, Retro, Sci-fi, Speedrun
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Lightforce Ninja 61 MB

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please add controller support.

I am the light boy.


normally i rage the games like this but the guy radgolling is just fun for me

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Thanks you~

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Really good game with unusual gameplay and a neat aesthetic. However the levels are too large and it's really frustrating to fail a jump, bouncing, falling far behind previous position. You should increase progressively the difficulty curve. The end of the first level is just impossible. After 15 minutes I gave up :/

I will try again. Thank you for the gift ++

-- 20 minutes after my first review :

No really no. I tried without any success. This is the worst frustrating experience which I have had on Itch.io because your game is amazing. This is exactly what I would like to find here - a fun game with great gameplay. I would like to play but I feel like a moron. Respectfully you have ruined everything applying in the first level such difficulty. It's a shame :/  

Hey thank you very much for trying it out! I am sorry you did not like it.

 I don't know if you are familiar with games like "Jump King" or "Getting Over It" but these games are basically based on being very hard and punishing from the start to the end. They are basically designed to be frustrating. It may sound weird but that is the fun part about these games.

But of course this is not everyone's cup of tea. I appreciate your criticism and maybe I should think about difficulty levels for people that like the game mechanics but not the extreme difficulty.

Sorry you got frustrated I hope you still have a nice day.

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Hey. I did not say that I don't like it. It's not true. In fact, this is the opposite - I love it. I have nothing against this gameplay and I would like to go deeper. However I want to bring you attention to the difficulty curve which is just bad and really really frustrating. You should do something easier at start and progressively increasing challenge ++

I think I found a little bug. My arm clipped into the wall and was stuck. Only way to progress was a reset.


Oh this never happened to me or any tester. Thanks for letting me know appreciate it!


I had enough of a strong will for celeste and it's c sides, now lets see if i will have enough for this game.

Impressive! Now I am curious how it worked out in Lightforce Ninja.

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I really like the game :), it's so hard but i like a challenge. Very epic grappling hook movement and controls.

23 minutes and 40 seconds with 74 shutdowns on the first level, tf is the difficulty.

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Thanks a lot! Happy to hear you like it!

Haha oh god I'm sorry :D I guess while play testing it I got so good at it that it was hard for me to estimate how hard things would be for new players. I had testers beat it but yeah... it was very hard for them.

I think it will get easier the more you get the hang of the controls and stuff.

Let me know if you beat the game or how far you made it. If you give up I wouldn't blame you though haha x) 


Now i hate you......

Nice game...

Mission accomplished! Thanks a lot and let me know if you managed to beat the game! :D


Game is challenging, but it is also very rewarding. The hook gameplay in combination with an out-of-control ragdoll feels very unique and enjoyable to play. No matter how often I failed, I always wanted to swing again...and again...and again. Additionally the fantastic music kept me motivated through hours of agony.
I can recommend this game to anyone who loves extraordinary and fun hardships.

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Nice! How long did it take you to beat the first stage?

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